Cutters for plastic materials

For machining plastic materials – also fibre-reinforced, various non-ferrous

metals, composite materials, sandwich panels (three-ply composite construction with PP, PC, Alu, ..), plaster and cement-based sheet materials and insulating materials such as rock wool mat.


The construction and building technique of SPERL woodworking tools are also very well suited for processing and working a number of non-wood based materials and composite materials. Apart from familiar and available materials, always new innovative developments present a constant challenge in the field of tool making. Through continuous research and development activities SPERL Werkzeugtechnik is the ideal partner for efficient and economical processing solutions in the wide field of cutters for plastic working and machining.


Patented technologies and the recognition of our products have made SPERL

Werkzeugtechnik to an important partner for plastic machining europe-wide. From well-known european window producers, prefabricated house manufacturers to the point of special industrial solutions in niche areas.


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SPERL cutter for machining plastic materials.
SPERL cutter for machining plastic materials.