The social media channel for milling cutter know-how, an effective marketing tool of the future! Social media, videos and moving images are informative and hip. Market researchers and thought leaders predicted this years ago. 

SPERL is now launching its own Facebook Channel with up-to-date information.

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NEW! The complete SPERL cutter tool catalogue - available now.

With over 200 pages containing a wealth of information concerning:

- The SPERL brand
- Concentrated product data on the complete range of


• profiling cutters and profiling cutter sets

• CNC cutting tools, drills, shank-type cutting tools

• diamond milling cutters

• grooving, rebating, jointing and chamfering cutters

• window and door making tools

• planing tools

• circular saw blades

• spare parts and knives

• special tools made according to customer request


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