Window- and door making tools TRENDLINE

TRENDLINE window- and door making tools made by SPERL Werkzeugtechnik have many advantages which users have been wanting for a long time. It’s not by coincidence that many of our clients have tagged our window making tool “most comfortable blade replacement”.


What we understand by this:

1. When replacing longitudinal machining tools, this is done directly in the profiling set, thus eliminating the need for elaborate dismantling of the entire set.

2. Replacement of pin and mortise making tool blades can be done directly in the machine, without any adjusting aids.


With SPERL Werkzeugtechnik TRENDLINE tools, protracted non-productive downtimes are a thing of the past!



1. Knife centring with a zero clearance by means of hardened pressed-in pegs guarantees accurate dimension stability even after blade replacement.

2. Knives are replaced in the machine.

3. Smoothing blades enable an excellent surface quality to be achieved.

4. Excellent surface quality thanks to ample space for shavings. No visible traces of tools in rounded profiles.

5. Blade replacement directly in the machine without any adjustment aids.

6. Tungsten carbide replacement knife for internal leaf sealing.

7. Replaced as required without dismantling the tool.

8. Effective tool set combined with softline pre-cutter for rounding off rebated edges and inside corners.

9. Allows standard turn blades to be used.


You will find further information here:

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